The List

So I’m currently not taking any classes this semester.. because I’m poor and couldn’t afford to take more classes. That and I’m not quite sure that I’d want to take classes if I could right now.. 

This break has been alright thus far.. I mean I’m certainly not doing what I thought I’d be doing but hey! at least I’m getting enough sleep! -__-

So since I haven’t really found any DIY Pinterest projects to start I googled things I could blog about because.. well honestly my life hasn’t been too interesting.. I sleep until 9:30 a.m. and do mostly nothing until 11:30 p.m. OH OH OH I did get a job though.. soon to be the new BK Princess, jk just BK employee.. I even get to work with one of my bestest buddies, how great is that? uh, GREAT. 

Anyways back to this list.. there are 50 topics I can blog about and I think it’ll be fun to do! 

Here’s the list:
1.That thing that happened in high school that pretty much changed your life forever
2. The worst movie you ever did see, and why
3. Your favourite recipe, even if you’re the worst cook in the world. Sometimes there’s an art to making the best vegemite toast you could ever eat
4. The day you left home
5. That one time you told a huge lie and kinda got away with it {or perhaps you didn’t and that would make an even better blog post! Cringe}
6. The hardest thing you’ve ever been through
7. 9 things you just can’t handle {gross things like ugly toes etc etc}
8. Your day in photos {take a photo every hour from wake to sleep}
9. Your most excruciatingly embarrassing moment. We’ve all got one.
10. A letter to your 16 year old self. What advice would you give?
11. Your celebrity dinner party. Who would you invite?
12. A how-to post on something you know nothing about
13. Your first love/kiss, and don’t skip the awkward details
14. The day you started blogging. What were you thinking?
15. The most difficult decision you’ve ever made. Write from the heart.
16. 7 things you learned from being a kid
17. A letter to your mum/grandma/child
18. An anti-bucket list: the things you hope to never do before you die
19. The last thing that made you cry
20. Your earliest childhood memory
21. That thing that really gets your goat {Is it the way people drive? That sniffing noise your partner makes?}
22. The worst Christmas/Birthday you ever had {make it funny!}
23. What your Facebook status might be in 2018
24. What you’re addicted to, and why
25. Write your obituary
26. Write a how-to post on something you actually know a lot about, as obscure as it might be
27. Write a FAQ {frequently asked questions} post. This could be questions you get asked about your blog, or questions you get asked by your kids over and over again. Think outside the box.
28. That time that you met a complete stranger
29. Fashion: Your top 5 favourite bags/dresses/looks/hair-dos/shoes right now
30. What you’ve learned about life so far
31. Brain dump. What’s on your mind right now
32. Something you lost
33. Bad habits. Share yours and why you won’t give it up. Ever.
34. Who people think you are, compared to who you really are
35. If you only had one day to live, how you’d spend it
36. A thank you note to a ‘thing’, like coffee, or trashy TV
37. A guide to the town you live in
38. What you want to be when you grow up {yes, there’s still time}
39. Something you found
40. The menu for your last meal ever
41. A response to a popular blog post written by someone else – an opinion piece where you put your cranky pants on
42. Write a review: on anything… a new food, a book you just read, an App
43. Find your most popular blog post and then write a second series of it, or an update on it
44. Do a DIY. A step-by-step guide on how to make something
45. Set a goal, and a plan on how to get there
46. Create a post asking for advice on something that’s troubling you. People love to offer wisdom
47. Share the favourite room in your home, and why you love it
48. Top 5: Share a post with the top 5 blogs you just can’t get enough of
49. Share a secret you’ve never told anyone. Until now
50. Write a list post on things for people to blog about. Pretty much like this one just here.

Thanks to FatMumSlim I now will have at least one thing to do every day for the next few days..

So this should be fun, lets get started!


2013 was like a bowl of cherries

Well since everyone I know has gone back to work and the puppy of mine has gone to take a well deserved nap… I’ve had some time to think..

Considering how it’s New Years Eve I have had quite the year, and I don’t think I ever thought this year would have gone the way it has…

At the beginning of 2013 I was working as a waitress, contemplating serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and trying to fill my time productively when I wasn’t working.

But this year I’ve made a lot of new discoveries about life, and about myself. 

I’ve discovered that I can change the qualities about myself that I don’t like. I’ve learned that I don’t have to settle for the way that I am because if I want to be better I know I can achieve that. 

I.E. wanting to be more sincere, patient, and kind towards others and myself… I haven’t mastered it but I know I’ve gotten better at it

I’ve learned that this life is like… a bowl of cherries.. preferably the dark ones because I like those best.. and sometimes you get so caught up in the deliciousness of life you choke on a pit.. and you’ll probably struggle or you might needa friend for the Heimlich maneuver but when it’s all said and done you’ll laugh about it later. 

Speaking of laughter… everyone knows that its been scientifically proven that laughing is good for you.

Discovery Channel says:

10: It Decreases Stress
9: It Helps Coping Skills
8: It Improves Blood Pressure and Flow
7: It Provides a Burst of Exercise
6: It Impacts Blood Sugar Levels
5: It Manages Pain
4: It Boosts Your Social Skills
3: It Reduces Aggression
2: It Energizes Organs
1: It Boosts the Immune System

My Point is.. Finding the humor in life and being able to laugh at it will only improve your life. And that’s all I have to say about that.

But I digress..

I’ve had some really, really, really wonderful and great laughs this year. I won’t lie and say this year has been nothing but fun, but this year has certainly been filled with good times.

I’ve done a lot of traveling this year as well, I’ve been so blessed to have had the opportunity to go to all the places I’ve gone to.. Although I’ve only traveled within the U.S this year I hope next year I’ll be able to take advantage of adventures outside the U.S.

I’ve been able to finish another year of school, and I did it with some of the best people around. 

I’ve made a lot of new friendships this year, and held on tight to others. I honestly know some of the best people, and don’t get me wrong I’m sure you do as well but I’m just saying I’m really grateful for the wonderful people I’ve been so blessed to come to know.

And this year I think I’d go as far as to say that I have no regrets! This year I had the chance to do everything I could’ve dreamed of doing!

General Conference, Two weddings, did great in school, dated, kissed a boy or two, sang, danced, and then danced some more, late nights, long drives, lots of fast food, cried, wept, moved into a new apartment, laughed, cried because I was laughing so hard, read books, watched too many movies, played in the snow, fell on the ice, played with puppies, told the right people that I loved them, said good-bye to others.

This year has been good to me. Sweet in every way, and I wouldn’t say that I’m bitter in any way. 

I hope you find the blessings of 2013 before it’s up. I also hope 2014 has nothing but good vibes, good times, with even better people for you and me.


Colds Suck & so does Divorce

You think life is good, nothing can get you down!

And then these little buggies called “germs” just decide to camp out in your super hawt bod and then before you know it you’re sick.

S-I-C-K. And you’re miserable.

Boogers everywhere! You can’t swallow your own spit let alone medicine… Your whole body aches, you’re tired more than you already are… and you don’t want to go to class, but you’re a good student so you do but oh! the annoying people in class are definitely more annoying when you’re sick…

You’re cranky and no one can comfort you – least not really because you’re sick

And you sweat in your sleep, and your body’s disgusting… oh! and your voice is all deep and shakey and you sound like a grown man about to cry..

All this, thanks to the COMMON COLD. haha

I’d say it’s not that bad, but damnit it’s definitely not the best!

And then there’s divorce. And usually you don’t have to worry about it because your parents don’t get divorced. Just anyone that’s not your parents because your parents are like… Jim and Pam from the Office, or they’re like… Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or like.. Daisy and Donald Duck… or like Cinderella and Prince Who-ever and they don’t get divorced.

Even if your parents mention divorce you don’t really think that’s for real-iezzz because they love each other.. people who love each other don’t get divorced; duh.

But somehow over the course of 20-something years your parents lost their way, stopped loving each other, have nothing in common, and are getting a divorce.

You’re bummed out and this is bad news all on top of your cold… and well your weekend is shot. Boogers, cough, fever, and your parents are getting a divorce.

At least, at least you’re older now. At least the only way this really effects you is emotionally. It shouldn’t keep you from moving forward in your life. Their divorce doesn’t result in you having to rotate where you live on weekends and I suppose I should be grateful for that.

I don’t think I ought to worry about whether or not I’ll get divorce because to be honest it ain’t lookin’ like I’m getting married anytime soon.

Which is perfect considering how I got mail notifying me that my claim for assistance has been denied, how nice. I feel like I deserved a phone call… you’re being rejected for not being poor enough… weird.. because if you’d look at my pantry/bank account I got poor all over me.

Anyways point is sometimes colds suck, and sometimes your parents decide that their journey together is over and you can’t hate them for that, and sometimes your claim is denied and you stay a broke college student for longer.

And the dream continues!

So he isn’t calling…

Today is Wednesday. Wednesday is hump day, and two days away from Friday. I have oodles of homework to do… I have other blogs to critique.. I have two miles to run.. and all I’m thinking about are boys. 

In my interpersonal communications class we’ve been talking about self-concept. We’ve been discussing how we let others’ perception of who we are impact who we actually are. We all would probably agree that we only allow certain peoples’ opinions and expectations to impact how we view ourselves. 

But what I was thinking is.. ladies.. why do we allow some semi-attractive boy we just met effect the way we see ourselves? 

I.E. when a boy we like, or think we like, if he doesn’t tell you you’re pretty then we naturally assume that perhaps he just doesn’t think we are. Which may or may not be the case but then I guess I should just say some of us think that well maybe we aren’t. Or what if after a first date he doesn’t call you and so … sometimes I assume he just thinks I’m fat, or ugly, or just not cute. 

Maybe these things aren’t related… ha I was just talking to my seeshta and so we ended up talking about it because she may or may not be feeling this way, hating herself because it didn’t work out with some Joe from the block that she just met.

I don’t know about you but I told her that we don’t have the time to be concerned with whether or not a boy is half in love with you after the first date. And there definitely isn’t enough time to spend hating yourself because you think you’re too fat, weren’t funny enough, or you should’ve worn different shoes. 

Even if you had the best first date ever.. sometimes they just don’t call! Sometimes they just don’t fall in love with you! 

And it isn’t because you weren’t good enough.. It’s the same reason you don’t swoon for the guy that’s chasing you.. he just isn’t what you’re looking for.

There’s nothing wrong with that!

There’s nothing wrong with a boy or a few boys passing you by without the slightest bit of interest, it doesn’t make you less valuable or less beautiful or less funny or less smart. It just means that you weren’t what he was looking for and baby girl there’s enough time for you to find what it is you’re looking for which is most important.

I’m only 20 years old I don’t have time to hate myself for everything I’m not but I do have time to perfect who I can become. And if a boy isn’t interested because I’m not his perfect woman than that’s fine because he probably isn’t my perfect man.

So to the boy that made my sister feel like she wasn’t good enough… Thank you. You weren’t good enough either.

And that’s how I feel about that..


Let’s just get this out in the open here… I hate school… haha I know just a few weeks ago I was like “YAY school!” and it isn’t that I hate my University or my professors or my classes… I just don’t really enjoy the homework.. actually that’s not even entirely true… I enjoy homework as much as the next student especially since it’s for a major that I like.. and it isn’t even that my homework is hard, I mean it’s only week 2 of the whole semester so I shouldn’t complain too much about the load.

But I have been so tired ALL the time, trouble getting outta bed.. granted I go to bed way past midnight and  when I finally get out of bed I manage to get ready and go to class but gosh by the time the afternoon roles around I’m completely useless.. I dunno if I should be entirely concerned.. but I’m exhausted more than 50% of the time.. it’s like a part of my personality.. soon to become my hash tag.. people will start to say, “Have you met Amy? .. She’s nice, oh and probably tired.”

Also today… I was talking to a nice boy after a class forum that I had to attend and I asked him a question about the assignment we had to turn in, and I guess he wasn’t that nice because he ran me over trying to get out of the pew. Am I invisible? Like we had just finished talking and then he ran me over.. haha not nice.. and then he turned around and asked me a question.. He must’ve been in a rush or something.. Regardless I got ran over today and I was mad..

Also you know that app, Snap Chat, well one of my “friends” snapped me and was like “hey mildly attractive girl” like okay I might have been upset about being run over but still oh. my. gosh. how rude! I mean it was funny for a second but then I realized, “oh… this guy only thinks I’m mildly attractive??” and then I thought, “oh that’s probably why I got run over this afternoon…” I hate feeling like only mildly attractive.. I mean I like to think that even on a bad day I’m kinda pretty… haha nothing’s worse than feeling a little ugly..

Point is today I felt tired, invisible, and only mildly attractive…

Just tryna make it to Friday ;(

&I have a paper due at midnight and I haven’t started it, eeeeek

ta-ta for now

Monday Mornings

This past week was so busy. So much had to be done, and I thought about a lot

This morning I woke up 15 minutes before class, and I went to class lookin’ real’ rachet. I also forgot my laptop charger on my way out the door and ran back for it making me late for class. Then after class I forgot that I didn’t have my license. Then when I sat down to do my homework I remembered I didn’t have my ear phones. Now I’m left to my petty thoughts while I do my homework and well, boo.

But “It’s a beautiful day to save lives”, least that’s what Dr. Shepherd would say. And I’m not saving lives but it’s still a good day.  So with that said…

This past Thursday was the Fourth of July. And I love this country. To know that my grandparents immigrate to the United States of America to pave the way for my parents, and their siblings to achieve all that it is this country has to offer. To know that this country allowed them to build their own American Dream, to build their own legacy. I am so fortunate, privileged to be an American. I support our troops. My father ensures my safety, and my family’s by serving. He fights for us. I have experienced some of the toll it takes on a military family so that he may serve. I believe all of us should serve, perhaps not in a military branch but we all should contribute to this county to make it a better place.

For class we discussed fatherhood. I had to write a whole paper on it. I had to explain the relation between certain masculine ideals to the importance of becoming a father. But by the end of all the research basically it all tells us that all men are different. Which should be good news, to the women online. ;P The research only provided broad generalizations of men. Most research concluded that, “Because we have no measures of how men are conceptualizing fatherhood we cannot anticipate what the…importance of fatherhood should be.”

So is fatherhood important? Yes. Yes, it is. At least I would say so. Are all of us fortunate enough to experience a positive influence from our biological father? No, no we aren’t. Maybe in a perfect world, and if the men were perfect then we would.

But the world isn’t like that, shocker.

I don’t want to brag about how lucky I am to have the father that I do because well no one wants to hear about all my good fortune. But one thing I will say is that the way my father was raised contributed a lot to how he decided not to raise me. I think that is something to focus on. We all have different experiences when it comes to parents, and some may not be the flowers, rainbows, and sunshine like other peoples’. But we forgive them for their lack of whatever the hell it was they lacked and take note of what you will do and what you won’t because then you will be able to provide a better environment for your children.

We have two opportunities in this life to have a good family experience. The one you are born into and then the one you create. Make the most of it.

So after all the research that I’ve done and all the comparing that I’ve done I suppose the whole “what I learned and can apply to my own life” part would be that the qualities of a man I’d like as well as qualities in a relationship that I want were refined quite a bit.

And since I can I just make a list of what it is that I want:

  • I want a strong man. Physically strong is important but it isn’t necessarily vital. I mean strong as in able to bear the responsibilities that come with being a husband and becoming a father.
  • Someone smart. Intelligence is important and just as important is wisdom. Someone who can fix a leak, change the oil, take out the trash. He should be able to guide me, and help me make important decisions. All that manly stuff that men should know. Haha
  • He’s gotta be caring. He’s gotta care about me and I’ve gotta know that. My dad never hesitated to tell me how much he loved me, and most of the time the occasion never called for it. He just told me.
  • He has to be loving. He should be passionate about things. He should love hard. I mean he should love me hard 😉 , haha okay seriously though…
  • He should be faithful. Faithful to God. Faithful to me. Faithful to his covenants. Faithful to his vows. Faithful to his promises. Faithful to our family. I know that’s a lot but these men exist. Maybe not to the highest level when you meet him but if its right he’ll become better, and so will you.
  • He has to be able to provide. Provide for me, for our family, for himself. He has to take care of himself too. I know having a family can be a sacrifice, but we all know that if mother is happy then the home is happy. If mother is taking care of herself then she will be more able to enjoy the role of being a mother. I don’t think that it’s any different for a father.
  • I want him to be involved with the family. I want him to be apart of the lives of my children. I don’t want him to work all the time with no play. Being involved with the children will allow them to know him. I want my kids to know their father. I know because of my good relationship with my father I’ve been shaped by that – in a positive way.
  • I want us to be united in all our decisions. I want us to be able to express what we feel is important for our family and I want us to reach a consensus on how to proceed. – I know that that means there will be conflict and that there may be disagreements but if our values and goals are the same then as long as we reach them the conflict will be worth it when we get there.
  • And before I forget!!! Which I kinda did forget.. is that he has to hilarious! He has to make me laugh, he has to make me giggle, he has to make me smile – I mean have you seen my smile?!! I have a really nice smile! I’m not gloating I’m just stating a fact… But seriously though he has to be funny and maybe more importantly he should probably think I’m funny. 🙂

I know I could go on, and babble about what I think is important for a man to be before I would marry him but that’s not all too important.Partly because I don’t want to get married but mostly because all women are different. And I’m sure if research were done on this kinda stuff they’d reach the same conclusion that all women are different and want different things therefore they wouldn’t be able to conclude what was important to women for a man to be.

One thing however is sure that whatever kind of person it is that you want, you have to become. I can’t expect all the attributes above but be nothing but a slob with no ambition just living at home, not showering, not living the kind of life where I could potentially meet the guy of my dreams. The not showering thing and not brushing your teeth thing is a little extreme I know.

I mean if I’m living a certain way naturally my definition of a decent man might change according to what’s currently available, but the definition of a good man in terms of society, or a good man as a whole does not vary on location. All men are different but the definition of a good man isn’t, least I don’t think so… Maybe that’s a false generalization.. But..

With all that in mind I think that something to ponder on is this: If they aren’t helping you dream bigger. Inspiring you to work harder. Motivating you to be better .. then perhaps you might not need them. Don’t let people “chill” in your life, their presence needs a purpose.

President Ezra Taft Benson once said, “One good yardstick as to whether a person might be the right one for you is this: in her presence, do you think your noblest thoughts, do you aspire to your finest deeds, do you wish you were better than you are?”

Sometimes we can’t help who we fall in love with. But I know that whoever it is that we choose to be with must inspire us to be more than we think we are even capable of being.

Let us be more. We are God’s greatest creation, and there isn’t anything we cannot accomplish through Him.

And I know it isn’t Father’s Day, long past it. But the topic was Fatherhood so it’s fitting that I post a video clip about it.

&to my father – thank you for being more than you probably thought you could be. you raised me right, you did alright dad. xoxo

Are We Communicating?

“Is this us communicating? Because I don’t like it.” I feel this way 40% of the time and usually that 40% wins out and I turn life back into a joke because I’d much rather laugh about it then feel the way communicating can sometimes make me feel, and that’s uncomfortable and vulnerable.

Communication. I’m never as good at it as I think I am. Why? Because sometimes the right words get stuck and we don’t know how to convey what it is we mean.And then I feel dumb, and want to crawl into a hole – which I tend to do. A lot of women are this way, not just women but I’m just saying.

But communication is important, we have to use our words sometimes. More often than not, actually.

And more often than not we don’t say half the things we meant to say when we muster all we have and tell someone, “We have to talk.”

It’s uncomfortable, you’re heart is racing, you feel like you’re gonna break out in a cold sweat, or worse… cry. It’s a work out all its own. You feel vulnerable, you don’t know if you should call them, or if you could just text them, or maybe write a letter, perhaps an email, or if you should schedule an appointment to tell them how a situation is affecting you.

But you know that if you don’t say anything you’ll just end up screaming it at the top of your lungs into a pillow, and they’ll never know. No one will ever know. And if you tell someone you minus as well not tell anyone because if it isn’t the right person there isn’t much another person can do for you; except offer you temporary relief.

A little bit of communication can make all the difference.

A little confrontation never hurt anyone, and if it did well it just was a good searing. It didn’t kill you and it’ll probably made you better.

Talking about nothing all the time never really built a sustainable foundation for anyone. In class we talked about communication and how it’s important.What does it take to really know someone? When you know, fill me in because I’m still figuring that out.

In class we talked about how it’s important to have shared experiences with your significant other, and more specifically your spouse.

Even though you’re married and you experience difficult and stressful situations doesn’t mean that you both see it in the same light. And the other won’t know how you’re doing if you haven’t discussed how you’re feeling. Your spouse can’t care for you if they don’t know how a situation is hurting you. None of us can read minds. None of us will ever really know someone well enough to know exactly how they feel, we might have an idea but they could surprise you. People grow, and change every day and until you develop the ability to read someone’s thoughts and body language perfectly… It’d probably be in your best interest to ask them.. Because we all know that assumptions only make you look like an a-hole. Ha regardless of your intention and then you’ll have to apologize for being an a-hole when that’s exactly what you were trying to avoid.

Point is: Communication is important. No one knows how you feel, and sometimes you don’t even know. But when you do, I’d suggest you make an effort to convey that to someone, the right someone involved in the situation. And if they care, which most people do, they’ll listen and make an effort to understand what you’re trying to say.

People who care communicate. 😉

We covered so much in class this past week and I don’t have the heart.. and mostly the time to shove all of it into one post.. So I won’t!

The last two topics we covered last week were coping and “When is it ever okay to quit a relationship? When is it appropriate to disengage?” And I’ll get to them! But… I’ve got other homework to attend to, sorry not sorry.

Until next time!

Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss.