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Colds Suck & so does Divorce

You think life is good, nothing can get you down!

And then these little buggies called “germs” just decide to camp out in your super hawt bod and then before you know it you’re sick.

S-I-C-K. And you’re miserable.

Boogers everywhere! You can’t swallow your own spit let alone medicine… Your whole body aches, you’re tired more than you already are… and you don’t want to go to class, but you’re a good student so you do but oh! the annoying people in class are definitely more annoying when you’re sick…

You’re cranky and no one can comfort you – least not really because you’re sick

And you sweat in your sleep, and your body’s disgusting… oh! and your voice is all deep and shakey and you sound like a grown man about to cry..

All this, thanks to the COMMON COLD. haha

I’d say it’s not that bad, but damnit it’s definitely not the best!

And then there’s divorce. And usually you don’t have to worry about it because your parents don’t get divorced. Just anyone that’s not your parents because your parents are like… Jim and Pam from the Office, or they’re like… Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or like.. Daisy and Donald Duck… or like Cinderella and Prince Who-ever and they don’t get divorced.

Even if your parents mention divorce you don’t really think that’s for real-iezzz because they love each other.. people who love each other don’t get divorced; duh.

But somehow over the course of 20-something years your parents lost their way, stopped loving each other, have nothing in common, and are getting a divorce.

You’re bummed out and this is bad news all on top of your cold… and well your weekend is shot. Boogers, cough, fever, and your parents are getting a divorce.

At least, at least you’re older now. At least the only way this really effects you is emotionally. It shouldn’t keep you from moving forward in your life. Their divorce doesn’t result in you having to rotate where you live on weekends and I suppose I should be grateful for that.

I don’t think I ought to worry about whether or not I’ll get divorce because to be honest it ain’t lookin’ like I’m getting married anytime soon.

Which is perfect considering how I got mail notifying me that my claim for assistance has been denied, how nice. I feel like I deserved a phone call… you’re being rejected for not being poor enough… weird.. because if you’d look at my pantry/bank account I got poor all over me.

Anyways point is sometimes colds suck, and sometimes your parents decide that their journey together is over and you can’t hate them for that, and sometimes your claim is denied and you stay a broke college student for longer.

And the dream continues!