Going too far.

It’s been a minute and my head is full of things I’ve got to say.

So I’ll just post new posts until… it’s social unacceptable and then I’ll probably keep going.

Anyways I’m not quite sure how long ago it was but sometime during this month I went too far. And I mean like too far with a quite a bit of things really… And frankly I tend to do that a lot… I find that I love something and then I do it until well I’ve gone too far..

I’m not saying it’s always bad because it could definitely be a good thing in some cases… not that I’m about to try and justify it but point is I went too far.

So what do you do? What happens after you cross that invisible line you didn’t know was there or that you saw but ignored or that you crossed for just a split second for the story… but the story wasn’t even half as good as you thought it’d be…

How do you fix it?

Well I managed to fix it, not a big deal, no biggie, done and done, so do you have to tell people when you’ve gone too far? Can’t I just keep things to myself? Do I have to share my life with everyone?

Don’t get me wrong, this is all rhetorical and I don’t by any means think that anyone is judging me.. but would it be better if no one ever knew?

Does sharing secrets actually bring you closer with others or does it just… not?

I don’t know, the gloomy weather has put me in a rather pensive mood.


Fall Favorites

AH. It’s Thursday. And let’s take a moment to talk about my favorite things…

1. Pumpkin themed food..
I.E. my roommate, Whitney, baked probably 598,437 loafs.. loaves? ..whatever.. loafs/loaves of pumpkin bread; some of them were under cooked but still good.. I mean I ate some

2. Haunted stuff..
I.E. the haunted straw maze was fun on Monday

3. Uh, my roommates in general.. usually 😉
Basically I live with some of the best people on campus.. except when they’re being THE worst

4. Puppies
I.E. My friend got a puppy from her husband for her birthday, men take notes ;), but he is the cutest lil’ guy ever. Sir Rupert is the cutest puppy and has made this week just so great.. He eats leaves and his legs are so short he rolls down hills when he’s trying to walk down haha 

5. Sarcastic Remarks
Thank you to everyone that will participate in sarcastic conversations with me.

6. Racist Jokes
WHY do I enjoy a good, harmless racist joke?? I don’t know. Judge me, slightly. We watched a Youtube video today in class and the guy said a racist joke and I LOL’d louder than everyone in the room *face palm* it wasn’t even that funny…  jk, yah it was..

7. The changing colors of the trees
Too bad I’m missing fall in Colorado… but Idaho is still pretty… just not as pretty

8. Boys that don’t mind telling me how pretty they think I am
That’s just nice. Thank you. 

9. Spandex and leggings
Thank you for not having a button or a zipper of any kind. &Thank you for your elastic waist band.

10. Sean T
For Insanity. It’s pretty insane and I’m pretty outta shape these days…

11. Warm weather this week
I haven’t needed a heavy coat of any kind! YAY!

12. The Spori Art Gallery on campus
Favorite place on campus.

13. Snap chat
Keeps me busy in between classes

14. My older brother
I wuve him, he’s the best.

15. Good music
The definition of what that means is of course up for discussion

16. Dancing
Preferably in my underwear, ask my roommates

17. My wittle sister and my baby brother
They aren’t really babies anymore but they’re funny and keep me laughing, usually

18. Blogging because when I don’t have anyone to talk to it keeps me busy.
I.E. right now

19. Fuzzy Blankets
They. are. my. favorite.

20. Parents
Their example makes me better.

21. Oh, oh! Being overly dramatic
I.E. “melting” into the floor when you don’t get what you want or when you don’t want to do something

22. This Gospel
It keeps me happy. Gives me a reason.

Now things I hate:

1. Diets
I’m on one now.. and it’s just so hard haha embarrassing

2. Low batteries
My laptop is dying.. ugh first world problems

I think that’s about it these days… 

Just feeling grateful today, I guess
Is it Thanksgiving, yet?