The Why

So sometimes during our day to day grind we tap out. I shouldn’t speak for everyone.. but I know that I tap out.

Especially recently. Don’t get me wrong the college grind isn’t difficult by any means once you get into a groove of prep, class, homework, work, no sleep, repeat. And I love my major, I do.

But recently within lets say the last two weeks I’ve forgotten the why. Why I chose journalism.

I write for the school newspaper and I enjoy it when things work out. When I get the interviews I need and the articles write themselves, and I can meet my deadlines without stress.

But the last two weeks that hasn’t been the case at all. My last two stories no one was willing or available to speak with me. And it was frustrating. For two weeks I didn’t have a story to share. And because I’m easily discouraged I became quite concerned that I had made a mistake. That journalism wasn’t right and I should switch to PR.

This week however I was given a topic and people were available for me to speak with and today I interviewed a gentleman about his art.

I have a great appreciation for the arts and a love for design. So after taking a gander at his illustrations I was naturally really interested in his inspiration and process.

I hadn’t done an interview in two weeks and I’m still trying to “master the method” if you will… And I was really concerned that I would get stumped, run out of questions too soon and it would just suck.

But that didn’t happen. Until the end.

As I was thanking him for his time, his prophetic insights and advice, he asked me what the angle my article was going to take. I thought that was odd because I do the majority of the asking during these types of things… So I told him about the angle I was planning to take.

He asked me about my passion for writing, and as taken a back as I was I still managed to answer the question.

He then paused thoughtfully and said, “Miss Perez you didn’t ask the most important question.”

Now I was really concerned… I looked at my notes.. I paused and reflected on our conversation, and I was certain I had asked every question I had thought of before hand.

So in response I said, “What is the most important question Mr. Kerr?”

And his simple response was, “The why.”

He then began to explain the why behind his art.

After all this I walked away feeling enlightened, elated, and perhaps I’d go as far to say even uplifted.


I was humbled by this experience.

This semester as I’ve been writing for the newspaper I have struggled with creating stimulating questions to ask my interviewee so that they think I am prepared, intelligent, and concise. But in doing so I lost sight of my natural curiosity. And the why I chose this major.

Today I was reminded of the why I chose this major.

I chose this major because I am a curious being and I want to hear peoples’ stories. So I in turn can share their stories with others.

Animals are born with an inherit ability to know what it is they are meant to do. Whereas we learn from experiences. Whether that is through our own or through the experiences of others.

I love to write. I love to share my experiences with the internet, obvi. And I love journalism because I get to learn about peoples’ profound thoughts or life changing experiences and get the opportunity to share it with others.

So here’s to hoping I don’t forget the why, ever again.

& here’s to being curious!