What do I want?

Tonight I’ve been pondering the question, “What do I want?”

When life presents a situation with multiple appropriate answers it can become difficult to decide which of the plausible answers will make us the most happy.

The natural decider will be that which will bring about the outcome we want most.

And then we pause. And we ask ourselves, “What do I want?”

For me I never know. There is what I think other people will want, what I think God would want, and then there’s what I think I want. 

I want to be happy and want to do whatever will make me happiest. But somehow what we envision isn’t always the outcome we foresee. 

Here I am incapable of making a not so difficult decision even after receiving specific guidance. 

I want to do what’s right for me, I want to help others reach their full potential, but I don’t want to lose sight of what my ultimate goals are. 

PS why is it that I tend to blog solely about my frustrations? I should really blog about my happy experiences too. 

Note to self: blog happier thoughts



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