Hi, Hello

Let’s talk about my life:

first off let me start by saying that life is good, and that God is good for allowing me to have enough of everything that I need.

and second let me just say that just because He blesses me with enough doesn’t mean that my life is easy.

but thirdly I’ve at least managed to see the best things of my life.

My routine is pretty simple now that it’s routine, but I’m really excited for my daily routine to end so I can go for a run in the morning and lay in the grass in the afternoon, and then go to work at night.

You guys I have a year of college left and I can feel myself becoming all the more ready to join society as a semi-mature, and responsible adult.

PS I’ve been doing really well in my class and some days I feel kinda smart which is nice since usually that isn’t the case. My classes in general just make me feel like I belong here and in the communications department… is that sappy? probably.

But in this life we search forever for a sense of belonging and it’s nice that I get to feel that in my classes.. I don’t feel like I’m behind on any of the material it all makes sense and I like being there.

Let’s talk about my job as a manager at the BK Lounge..

I like it, it’s a solid job, and I get to exercise skills such as “math”, “patience”, and “patience”. It isn’t always easy but I’m lucky to have the privilege of putting Burger King Shift Supervisor on my resume. They’ve kept my annoying ass on the crew for almost 6 months now… I should probably make them a cake..

I hope I can make it a better place than it is.. not that it isn’t great already…

haha I’m trying this new thing you guys where everything I do is a fucking privilege and lemme tell yuh I’m so glad that I get to participate in this thing called life (I hope my sarcasm kicked you in the face because that was my intention..)

But on a serious note though everything I get to do is a privilege so I really am thankful…

And I’m sure you all wanna hear the latest on my love life – since that’s basically that’s where all my funniest stories come from

Unfortunately I have nothing too funny to report

It goes a little something like this:

Starting seeing a boy, started liking this boy, and he was funny.
But he had a girlfriend, and I didn’t know, so it ended.

And then I met a nicer boy, and he treated me well, he was funny too
But the idea of a boy liking me a lot makes me uncomfortable (assuming he likes me a lot) haha
So I walked away..

Luckily not bitter, and actually pretty happy.

Boys are just as dumb and just as mean as women can be so I guess things are fair enough.

And for now I’ll just stay off Tinder

That’s the update for now and maybe I’ll post something profound sometime soon, if I have any profound thoughts in the next week or so…

Off to BK


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