Lying is the Game

I really shouldn’t make promises I can’t keep..

IE: “I won’t eat the last cookie”, or “I will remember to record your favorite show for you”, or “we’ll be friends forever”, or “I’ll blog every day for the next fifty days”

This is me apologizing for not doing.. well any of those.. but mostly the last one. 

So anyways… the next item on the list is the biggest lie I ever told and almost got away with.

K well, in high school.. okay okay.. growing up in general I was the biggest, fattest, liar there ever was! All I ever did was lie! 

I remember one time my Senior year of high school I lied, got caught, and my mother was like, “Jasmine I thought you were done lying? You’re old enough to tell us the truth.” And that was like.. one of the best things my mother ever told me growing up.

Haha isn’t that sad? That one of the best things my mother ever told me was that I didn’t have to lie anymore… That’s how much I lied… W O W

Well thankfully I’ve changed my policy to honesty only, to say what I mean and mean what I say. Thus far all has been well, not easy, but swell

But I digress… The BIGGEST lie I ever told was when I was a JR in high school

I had a new “boy toy” if you will, and we had just begun hanging out. I honestly couldn’t tell you how I met him.. I wanna say we had mutual friends via MySpace??? It’s been awhile… Point is we met and we were seeing each other. 

He was the definition of a bad boy. He was everything that would drive my parents crazy, just what I thought I wanted.

And I’m telling you now that the thing about “bad boys” is that usually they treat you really bad. The worse they are the worse they’ll treat you.

So we were at the mall, naturally because that’s where kids go when they don’t have jobs, money, responsibilities, or any place to go that’s not their home. 

And I was with my friend Ryan, she was my neighbor for the last 5 years and we were pretty close at the time. We watched like two movies and then Aaron, “bad boy”, showed up at some point. Ryan went home shortly after.

One thing led to another and we were hooked up. Now I’ll spare the dirty details because those don’t matter either. Point is I walked away with quite a few hickys.

Somehow I thought that this meant that this boy really “liked” me, and to an extent that was true but he didn’t like me because I was smart, funny, or kind. He solely liked me because well.. I was easy. And I can say that because at the time it was true. 

With that said… I am sometimes, and by that I mean usually, disappointed by “younger Amy’s” poor decisions. 

But back to the story…

So after making note of the damage.. I first was pleased.. I had never gotten a hicky before! And now I had like twenty…

Then reality sunk in. These were going to be seen by E V E R Y O N E, including my parents.

Aaron bought me a scarf, which isn’t as cute as I remember it being at the time because I still have it.. ha and when I wore it.. it was the first time I had ever worn a scarf. 

My father, younger sister, and younger brother, decided to meet me at the mall to eat. Aaron met my family and left, with plans to take the bus home. 

After shaking hands with my father and walking away my little brother. who was about 12, pointed to my neck, tugged on my scarf, revealing the very hickys I had tried to hide. 

Father was furious. And we left. Without eating.

We went home. No talking. No radio. And I had to think fast because Heaven forbid I told the truth and I’d never get to see Aaron again because he “liked” me. WRONG. Shoulda told the truth.

We got home. Father went upstairs. While my younger sister taunted me. So I had to think fast!! So I went to my room.

I stopped to look at myself in the mirror. And what I once thought was pretty nifty had now turned my neck purple.

I became afraid. What do I tell my parents? What will people think? What if Aaron never calls me? What if they never go away? What if it scars? Shortly after I realized how painful it was. And then I cried.

My father came to my room and asked me what happened.

I lied. I said that while I was at the movies different boys had met up with us. I said that they were Ryan’s friends. I said it was all fun and games until one of the boys had taken me aside and this all happened. And then I told him that I ran into Aaron earlier who is a friend of another friend and he was the one who bought the scarf.

Seemed pretty legit.

My dad went to the store to buy a remedy to remove the hickys while I stayed at home. My little brother googled ways to remove them and he used hot tea bags to twist them out. 

On a side note at least I know how to get rid of them if I ever needed to rid my body of another. Which I doubt I’ll ever have such a need.

So then my mother came home… And because I’m her daughter, and because I’m not that smart, or that lucky, she didn’t buy it… At least not really.

We bought clothes that would cover them up until they went away.. but a few days later my mother asked me again what happened. I did my best to keep the story straight.

But she still didn’t buy it, not really. 

So naturally she went next door, and asked Ryan what really happened.

Since she knew and wasn’t going to let some lie ruin her trust with my mother, ironic. She told the truth..

Mother came home and may or may not have given me a serious form of punishment. 

Needless to say I was grounded. 

And that’s the biggest lie I ever told and almost got away.


I continued to see Aaron for awhile until finally I dumped him when I realized how much I’m worth. And then forgot long enough to date another jerk. Thankfully I’m not stuck in that cycle anymore.

Good story? Tune in… next time for the story of the hardest thing I’ve ever been through!



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