Moving on … out

So I know I said I would blog about everything on the list I posted but… I couldn’t think of the worst movie I’d ever seen.. Although Percy Jackson #2 was probably the worst this year.. and I don’t really have a favorite recipe.. except Crisco has the best Peanut Butter Cookie recipe..

Anyways I’ve made the command decision to skip those and blog about the day I moved out.

Not quite sure what day I moved out.. But when I left I only had three boxes



Didn’t have much but I had a place to stay, I was headed to California! I couldn’t wait to live an adventure.

I was a little afraid I will admit… I didn’t think I could do it.. I actually was supposed to move out once or twice before I actually moved out.

And I thought about backing out again and you wanna know what my dad told me? Ha he called me and said, “This is what you’re going to do… you are going to drive down to Vegas with me tomorrow and in a few days you’ll be in California. You’re doing this.”

And that’s what I did… We drove to Vegas and I spent a few days there and then I was on my way to California I got pulled over for speeding.. My truck at the time didn’t have air conditioning and I swore I was going to die because it was so hot. I was going 95 mph in a 75 mph zone which really  isn’t that bad, right?

Anyways I got out of that ticket thankfully and when we finally arrived at my Uncle’s home I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to stay.

Moving out isn’t really moving out when you’re moving into a place where someone still wants to control you. Don’t get me wrong my Uncle’s family treated me tremendously well but it didn’t really feel like home. They weren’t ever home when I was, and it was lonely. But I guess all that time alone was good? I worked really hard on this thing called Personal Progress and that kept me busy until I bored and found the courage to take myself down to Institute all by myself.

The first time I went to Institute everyone there was so nice and I honestly didn’t think I’d fit in because well I wasn’t a very nice person. I just felt so out of place. But it was also the first time in a long time that I had ever felt the Spirit; not that I knew it was the Spirit that I was feeling… When I left Institute I got in my little truck feeling overwhelmed and so emotional that I cried. I called my older brother who was attending BYU-I and I just cried. I thought it was so silly. Like, why was I crying just because everyone was so nice to me?

Obviously I had a lot to learn.

I lived with my Uncle for less than a month and then I moved out and moved in with a LDS family, whose daughter had invited me to stay.

Living with them provided me a place where I could grow, I learned some important lessons while living in their home. I also became really good friends with their daughter. We actually still live together now.

After living at their home for about 8 months, I think? I moved away to college and I still had the same amount of stuff I had when I first moved out. I have found though that I’ve accumulated more stuff now that I’ve been in college for the last 2 years.

And I’ve really enjoyed college. The whole college experience has been a really fun ride. An adventure all its own.

I’d do it all again.



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