Oh hi…

So it’s been awhile… and I apologize.. the semester is ending and basically it’s been nothing but a blur.

And so I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write about how everyday just melts into the next and nothing really profound has occurred in the last while. I wish that I could say that crazy life changing news has happened but that just isn’t the case. I mean when is that ever the case?

Haha, never.

I will say that I am dealing with the winter blues and it’s been quite the struggle. In Idaho the sun doesn’t come out for very long and the then before you know it it’s dark… I dunno how I’ll make it through winter WINTER.. In Colorado at least the sun is out for the day.. I get to go back to Colorado for Christmas and that’s exciting.. I really can’t wait to see those purple mountains.

Can I just say that sometimes I get irritated with the world around me and all I wanna do is punch everyone in the face… but thankfully after 8 hours of sleep I can just be refreshed and feel better…

Back to the homework grind.



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