She got married!

Weddings are such happy days. I love weddings. The couple getting married are happy, their families are happy, the people attending the wedding are happy. Everyone is just so happy.

This weekend I got the opportunity to go to one of my dearest friend’s wedding. She got sealed in the Portland, Oregon temple.

(You check out what temples are here)

But anyways I got to drive 12 hours with another good friend of mine to go and see our friend, Kayla, get married.

Now let me take a moment to tell you a little bit about Kayla …

I met her my first semester of college and we were roommates. This girl was loud, happy, funny, and beautiful. My first semester was the most fun I’d ever had! She became like my college “mother”. Ha, I’d call her mom. At the end of the semester I figured that we’d part ways and we wouldn’t keep in touch; because well that happens and I’d never done the college thing before so I kept my expectations low.

But we’ve been friends ever since.

We lived together for another semester and then she graduated.

We got the chance to really grow closer together during her last semester. We served together in our church callings and her faith strengthened mine.

I learned so much from her.

Kayla always had me wondering if I could be any better today than I was yesterday.

So anyways she had met her husband a long time ago, they basically grew up together. He served a mission during my first semester and  she’d write him, we all knew she loved him then but these things take time… so when he got back they continued to date… I got to spend some time getting to know him. And I don’t think I could have dreamed of a better man for her. Derek, her husband, is just a good man. Good in every sense of the word. Good to her in every way. And well, they are good together.

So one thing finally led to another and they got engaged.

Few months later they were ready to get married.

And like I said I went to the wedding.

My heart was filled with the love they had for each other and the love everyone had for them.

And besides them walking out of the temple after being sealed for time and all eternity, the toasts at the lunch-in were probably my second favorite part of the wedding, and spending a little bit of time with all the people that loved Kayla and Derek was just great.

It was just such a tender weekend. My heart was filled. Ha, still full.

I’m so grateful for my good friends, for their examples, for their happiness, for the kind acts of others, for good people, good food, good times, and good vibes.

Oh! and Portland was a pretty cool place as well… I did get to do some sight seeing, nothing too extensive ha and I also went shopping which was nice too

This weekend was just sweet in alotta ways.

I’m not saying it has to be soon, but I hope one day I get married too. Ha


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