I Believe

I had to write a speech about what I believe.. thought it was pretty good.. so here you go general public.. enjoy!

I believe in laughter. And I don’t mean a giggle in passing but I mean laughing until you can’t breathe and your sides hurt. To quote Miss Elizabeth Bennet from Pride & Prejudice, “I dearly love to laugh” Miss Bennet and I have this in common. Not to mention our love for Mr. Darcy.

I have come to find that when I can laugh at myself my “long and difficult” days aren’t so long and difficult. My friends could tell you that I rather enjoy embarrassing moments because it gives me the opportunity to laugh at myself.

A perfect example would be from last fall semester on my way home after a long day on campus… the cutest boy I ever did see smiled and gave me the nod. Ladies, you know the nod. So naturally I flashed my pearly whites his way and without a moment’s notice I tripped. Thankfully I caught myself before I fell but I broke my sandal. Mortified that the cute boy actually saw me all I could do was laugh. I laughed all the way home. It was just so silly, but not so surprising since these things happens all the time.

Laughing can help heal a battered heart. This world can become our worst nightmares; our trials can seem difficult and never ending.

But if there is anything my father taught me while growing up it’s that this life might be a test but it’s also a journey. If we can find a reason to laugh through life’s greatest heart aches we’ll never find ourselves completely broken.

I believe in thinking. And I don’t mean petty thoughts like: “Do I look cute today?” or “What will I have for lunch?” or “Is he going to call me tonight?”

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

I believe one of the greatest ways to expand our horizons is by taking the time to think. To really ponder this life we have been given and how we can come to understand some of life’s hardest concepts.

I don’t think this means we all have to learn about O-Chem. or understand quantum physics.

I just believe that we should read from the very best books, I believe that we should learn about the things that interest us.

The knowledge we obtain in this life is what we’ll have in the next so we better think about something substantial while we’re here.

I believe in crying. Have you ever seen a strong man cry?

Some of my family’s darkest days were while I was in high school. My father isn’t a weak man but with the struggles we faced I saw him weep once or twice during sacrament.

Being in tune with our emotions doesn’t make us weak. I believe it makes us stronger when we allow ourselves to come to know our darkest demons and then vanquish them.

I believe that when we cry about our deepest sorrows until we can’t anymore we strive to build towards a better and stronger us for tomorrow.

I also believe that not all our tears have to come in the form of sadness but in joy as well. I believe that we should be moved to tears by beautiful music, by an artist’s masterpiece, by a movie, by acts of kindness, by our accomplishments, by this Gospel, by the blessings we receive from our Heavenly Father.

I believe crying doesn’t make us weak.

Jimmy V said, “Laugh, think, and cry everyday – seven days a week and you’ll have something special.”

I believe in laughing, thinking, and crying often. And I believe I’ve got something special.


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