Let’s just get this out in the open here… I hate school… haha I know just a few weeks ago I was like “YAY school!” and it isn’t that I hate my University or my professors or my classes… I just don’t really enjoy the homework.. actually that’s not even entirely true… I enjoy homework as much as the next student especially since it’s for a major that I like.. and it isn’t even that my homework is hard, I mean it’s only week 2 of the whole semester so I shouldn’t complain too much about the load.

But I have been so tired ALL the time, trouble getting outta bed.. granted I go to bed way past midnight and  when I finally get out of bed I manage to get ready and go to class but gosh by the time the afternoon roles around I’m completely useless.. I dunno if I should be entirely concerned.. but I’m exhausted more than 50% of the time.. it’s like a part of my personality.. soon to become my hash tag.. people will start to say, “Have you met Amy? .. She’s nice, oh and probably tired.”

Also today… I was talking to a nice boy after a class forum that I had to attend and I asked him a question about the assignment we had to turn in, and I guess he wasn’t that nice because he ran me over trying to get out of the pew. Am I invisible? Like we had just finished talking and then he ran me over.. haha not nice.. and then he turned around and asked me a question.. He must’ve been in a rush or something.. Regardless I got ran over today and I was mad..

Also you know that app, Snap Chat, well one of my “friends” snapped me and was like “hey mildly attractive girl” like okay I might have been upset about being run over but still oh. my. gosh. how rude! I mean it was funny for a second but then I realized, “oh… this guy only thinks I’m mildly attractive??” and then I thought, “oh that’s probably why I got run over this afternoon…” I hate feeling like only mildly attractive.. I mean I like to think that even on a bad day I’m kinda pretty… haha nothing’s worse than feeling a little ugly..

Point is today I felt tired, invisible, and only mildly attractive…

Just tryna make it to Friday ;(

&I have a paper due at midnight and I haven’t started it, eeeeek

ta-ta for now


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