The Summer is Practically Over..

This summer didn’t kill me.. whatta relief!

I went to my friend’s wedding in California, and had a great time! It truly was a happy day. All of her friends and family gathered together for a very special event! And that night we got to party… all night long… I didn’t have a date and I may or may not have spent most of the evening with my friend’s 13 year old cousin… haha 

I got to go to Disneyland and California Adventure on my grandparents dime! I got to see Cars land – which BTW you are never too old for any of these places. I bought my grandparents mickey ears, they looked so cute!

I got to go to Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, got pretty tan… Got to see my really close friend Kistie – we ate a whole pizza and I ate two cartons of ice cream…

I got to do alotta stuff while I was in California! ..oh I met a cute guy.. but that didn’t last long … and I got to do all that in just two weeks!

And then I came home…

to Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nothing quite like home really… I haven’t done much.. I’ve started and finished 3 different TV series thanks to Netflix, I am almost done with The Office, and I have all of two friends that I split my time between..

My bff Sydney takes care of me during the day and then my other friend takes care of me at night.. haha they trade off because neither of them could possibly handle me a full 24 hours…

You would think that perhaps with all my free time I would have managed to blog about something.. anything… and you’re right I could have.. but I think this summer I had a goal of doing as little as possible.. which if I do say so myself I’ve done a good job at…

I’ve been going to the gym this whole time I’ve been home but within the last two weeks I’ve lost motivation…

I’ve also done 10932750375 different Pinterest activities… some turning out much better than others…

I’ve received a scholarship for being a kick-A student last semester…

I’ve been to 6 wedding receptions..

and the summer is practically over..


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