I’m addic- I’m addicted to you

You know good music when you hear it. And I’ll admit that I was half heels over head for Simple Plan. I had every single album. Every. Single. One. I’m not ashamed. Haha they really spoke it me… and they were kinda hott…

“I’m trying to forget that I’m addicted to you. But I want it, and I need it.”

I’ve been meaning to talk about divorce since that’s what we talked about in our last lecture but today I just wanna ramble some more…

You ever meet someone and you think, “That’s gonna be mine…” and you go after it, just full force… and then you have it right in your mist but you wonder, “Maybe we’re not that good for each other…”

I’m sure you have. I mean I couldn’t be the only one with those kinda doubts sometimes..

So you let it go, you withdraw a’lil bit… But you’re addic- You’re addicted. Stuck. Sprung. Conflicted. Confused. & a little horny, haha sorta

& Women know this feeling best I think.. I mean we’re known for sticking around for a loser douche bag that cheats on us, or that doesn’t call us when he says he will but when he does he’s really low and so you nurture him and then he’s well on his way to the girl next door when you wake up.

We tell our girl friends and we vow never to let him in again! To delete his number! To not answer when he calls! So he fades away for a little bit but everyday is a struggle because if he’s not calling you no one is… And you’re lonely, and every new guy you meet you don’t wanna let them in too soon because well you’ve still got the special/closest place to your heart reserved for whats-his-face just in case he calls.. Because giving that to Mr. Nice Guy who would rather take care of you than vice-versa is just unheard of

But Mr. Nice Guy with the pretty teeth is hanging around, making you giggle with his stupid jokes, waiting. And just when you’re about to get in his car to be his boo-thang for longer than a weekend, whats-his-face calls and you back track. And Mr. Nice Guy with the pretty teeth is only so patient and whats-his-face is so needy, and there’s only one of you, and frankly you aren’t ready to let go… Not that you’re holding onto much..

Before you know it you’re back at square one.

I think people can change everyday. Sometimes, usually it’s when the right person comes along. And us, ladies just want to be the right person. The worse the case the bigger the change and the more validating it is when he changes – because of you, for you, to be with you.

I think that’s why we find ourselves waiting for whats-his-name to call on Saturday night… While Mr. Nice Guy with the good job, dreamy car, and gorgeous smile is only allowed in the living room.

I don’t know how we fix that.

If anyone has a standard equation that fits all.. Please share..

Thoughts for tonight…
P.S.Finals have gone well thus far, my “diligence” is paying off.


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