It’s Only Tuesday

It’s only Tuesday.. And I’m here.. about to blog about my frustrations of the week thus far. Sorry not sorry but this blog post will not be about sex or relationships. However come Sunday there will be a post about that for those of you who are sex addicts and/or have relationship problems that enjoy those kinds of posts.

I like to think that I try really hard not to complain about life – because I really do have quite the life. I mean I’m living the dream! But hmm.. It’s that time of the month and this may or may not be a sign that I am on my way to becoming an avid blogger but here I am about to rant about my petty thoughts of this week – and it’s only Tuesday.

This semester I have been trying to remain frugal, and I mean I typical do while I’m at school because… Well I wouldn’t be getting the full college experience if I weren’t eating Ramen every night. (Which I don’t, but you know what I’m saying)

But last Saturday it was Victoria Secret’s Semi-Annual Sale.. And I have a love for all things Victoria Secret. I’m a firm believer that pretty panties and a pretty bra can give you confidence, and put a pep in your step.. At least for me they do… So I went to the sale and one thing led to another and walked out with quite a few new pretty things to fill my drawers..

And feeling not exactly guilty but definitely not frugal

Then yesterday I went grocery shopping.. And look food is important but part of me wishes I could just buy cute things to wear and not have to eat.. And I may or may not have the tendency to do that but I had eaten my last Popsicle and all I had left was expired yogurt, stale granola, and some condiments.. The time had come for me to go to the damn grocery store..

I dished out a good chunk of change on food that I thought would last me awhile.. And then I forked out an extra $30 on some fresh fruit.. Which sounds a little crazy but I didn’t want anymore manufactured Mac n Cheese (Not saying I didn’t buy any of that too though)

Point is: I bought quite a bit of food and felt guilty for spending so much.. On food that is

Now none of this is a big deal but then my phone died.. and not like battery drained dead but more like d e a d, dead. Like dead, dead. It just died. I haven’t had much luck with phones which isn’t entirely my fault, I try and hold on to them as long as I can! 

But it happened. And its timing couldn’t have been better.. It happens and I’ve already spent quite a bit of money.. and by this point I’m about ready to just die because of how much a new phone would actually cost me.. Considering how about a month ago I started paying my own cell phone bill because that’s what grown-ups do, and well I’m a grown-up (Sometimes)

And I don’t want to say I’m a princess or anything because I’m a hard worker, and definitely know the value of hard work. I try to remember to live within my means… But I’m a brat and didn’t just want to get a flip phone! That’s the whole reason I left my parents’ plan! I would’ve just died if I had to use a flip phone! Basically I’m a princess and there wasn’t any way I was about to down grade to a flip phone! So I didn’t.. I used my insurance to replace it, and had to fork out another 100 bucks.. Which isn’t as bad as it could have cost I suppose…

Blah, blah, blah I’m a young adult that spent too much on pretty panties that no one will ever see, bought too much fresh fruit because I’ve gone too long without it, and I had to replace my dead phone.. and decided to get the nicest one.. 

Moral of the last few days.. I’m not as good as being frugal as I like to give myself credit for

And my period makes me emotional, insecure, mean, and self-centered. Thank God it only lasts for a week.

Now that I’ve sufficiently complained about my money problems… I should probably mention some good things

1.) The weather, its been so nice
2.) Healthy body
3.) Good friends that dance with me in my pretty panties, that listen to me whine, and that support me through my first world problems
4.) My family
5.) Nice boys that carry my laundry to the laundry mat
6.) BYU-I
7.) Devotional
8.) Music
9.) The internet
10.) Netflix
And a 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000 other things

My life really isn’t bad at all, and today wasn’t that bad. 
Today really was just The Best Day , Atmosphere had it right.

I’ll be more enlightened at the end of the week, always am.
Until then, XOXO



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