Same Sex Attraction

There are only so many topics where people develop strong opinions on… One of those, I think, is same sex attraction.

This past week in class we addressed this topic, unfortunately however I went out of town for my sister’s high school graduation. Although I read the material on the subject I wasn’t able to attend the class discussions.

But I suppose I can just post my opinion…

I think that we all experience difficult trials of our own in this life. Trials that we cannot necessarily share with others. I think one of those trials is same sex attraction. I don’t think that having those feelings are a sin, but we’ve been taught that acting on those feelings are.

I haven’t always been active in this Gospel and I have been in places where people do act on their feelings of same sex attraction. I didn’t condemn then because I didn’t know what I’ve come to know and don’t believe what I believe now. And I don’t condemn them for it now because they don’t know what I know, and certainly don’t believe what I believe. We are all looking for a place where we belong and for someone to love. This life isn’t meant for us to wander alone.

I appreciate the human body in all its capacities. And I can appreciate a beautiful woman for being beautiful, but I have never had those feelings of same sex attraction. I think it would be a hard way to live. I mean it isn’t an easy thing to understand. And I wouldn’t say that I do understand it.

Well that’s all I have to say about that.. Is my opinion wrong? It very well could be… But from reading the material provided in this class about the topic I can say that I have barely grazed the real essence of the topic.

& that’s all I have to say about that.


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