Doctrine and Covenants Class Today

So completely different class… But today in class my teacher closed with some profound things. We were talking about Joseph Smith and how he had lost the 116 pages.

But to back track I was preparing for class by reading the material and doing the assignment this morning. As I read I could feel the love Heavenly Father had for Joseph, for this work, and for me. It was just the best feeling.

Anyways back to class… we discussed a lot really but at the end of class my professor said, “Joseph Smith is an example of a man that fell but was redeemed because he chose to repent… God made a man stronger than he was.” I really felt the Spirit when my professor, Brother Williams, said that.

I have always found it comforting to know that God is merciful enough to forgive even the greatest of debts.

I guess since this is my blog, and I’m supposed to be blogging that I would just blog about that today.

After class today I felt so uplifted. It wasn’t one of those shout my testimony from the Emipire State building but more of a whisper it to yourself… and perhaps blog about it feeling.

I am so grateful for Joseph Smith, and for all he did so that this Gospel could be here for me. And to bless my life, my family’s life, and everyone who will hear it – their life too.

I know that God sent His son to die for me. I know that Christ suffered and died for me, and He is my Savior, Brother, and Friend. I know He knows me perfectly, and that through the Atonement I have the power to change. I know that this Gospel is true.

I know it, love it, and live it.




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