A Lil’ Bit ‘Bout Myself

This is extremely difficult for me to just type knowing that I have the opportunity to share my journey through this crazy thing called life with the world wide web. I don’t know how I feel about people reading it… And I’m not sure where to actually start. SO let’s start with my name and a little bit about myself…
My name is Amy Jasmine Perez. I like to travel, try new things, and to meet new people. I love to eat, to run, to sleep, and watch movies. I talk too much, smile too often, and laugh too loud. I live for today and am geared towards tomorrow. I attend college at Brigham Young University- Idaho AND, why yes, I am a Mormon.
This little blog of mine has all began as an assignment for my religion class: Family Relations. But who’s to say I won’t become an avid blogger this way! So this blog will be my online journal &for my petty thoughts. I am a tad bit over whelmed with this whole idea but I also have a lot to say… so just maybe this will be a little fun for me to write and a tiny bit more fun for you to read!


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